WestWind Studio... the Journey 

Beginning on a blustery day in early Spring over a decade ago, I stood surveying the piece of land soon to become our new home. Turning to gaze across the barren fields surrounding me, a cold and very persistent wind tugged at my coat.
Unbidden, the words "west wind" came to my lips, and on that day the concept of WestWind Studio was born.
Approximately nine months later, we moved onto our new location and began the challenge of transforming a "blank canvas" into a home and studio. This continued to be a "work in progress" until realization dawned that we would soon need to relocate, making a transition that would eventually place us nearer to the homes of our loved ones, and further to the South and East.
We near our 17th year as WestWind Studio, and will add
and up-grade often within our own Web Site.
Custom leather painting, home decor and apparel, along with original canvas paintings and prints, like those found in homes across the U.S. and in parts of Europe can be ordered, and several new categories and options have been added. These will feature original and creative designs using natural stone, bone & shell in the form of jewelry and other treasures. We continue to highlight our exclusive one of a kind collectible "U-Neknee" Cypress Knee Doll/Sculptures. All of these products are now being offered for sale
on line with easy and secure methods of payment.
Please note that our Virtual Gallery is open to all, and while we are
not set up to accommodate public visits here at WestWind Studio,
we do welcome your comments and questions.
We wish to thank our Heavenly Father for leading us in this new adventure and for all that He has done for us.
Our wish is that you too can come to know Him in a real and personal way.
Carolynn & Patrick Cordray
WestWind Studio 2014