"Pipe Stories"
20" x 24"                       Original Acrylic
by clc

Among the People long ago, the story tellers were an honored & important part of tribal life. Many nights would be spent around the open fire listening & learning as the history & culture of the People would be repeated & absorbed by wide-eyed youngsters & older folk alike.
One of those stories was of White Buffalo Woman & how she came to the People & taught them the meaning of the sacred pipe & how to use it in their ceremonies & daily lives.
<White Buffalo Woman Story>
'...A beautiful indian maiden came among the People dressed in white deerskin, carrying a bundle containing a special pipe. This Sacred pipe was to be used when praying to Wakan-tanka ....the Great Spirit. When she had finished teaching the People how to use the pipe, and all of the meanings....she sang a song & as she walked away, she turned into a white buffalo & disappeared...'
WestWind Studio 2014