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"Dream Web - Dream Catcher"

Legend has it that Grandmother Spider,  known also as Spirit Woman, is a symbol of the feminine & creativity.
Stories say that she is the creator of the Dreamcatcher....a web/net woven within a hoop & strung with a feather in the center.
This web/net is used to snare bad dreams, while the good dreams are allowed to float through the center hole & down the feather to the one sleeping below.
"The Messengers"

Feathers are thought to bring messages & healing, & still play a big part in the lives of many of earth's peoples.
The Images portrayed in "Messengers" are of the Eagle, Hawk & Owl...all thought to be very powerful symbols.
....most powerful of all winged messengers....a vision bringer & spiritual healer.
Hawk.... messenger of the daytime....a fierce protector.
....silent messenger of the nighttime....symbol of the feminine & mystery.
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