" My  Heart Cries "
20" x 24"                      Original Acrylic
by clc
"My Heart Cries" was created in memory of September 11, 2001, & is dedicated to my Dad, Shelby Andrew Kidd, a WWII veteran.
Native American in feeling & expression, the falling eagle feathers represent the many fallen warriors, while a symbolic tear painted upon the face of the Native woman speaks to us of the shared grief & disbelief in the horrors that took place that day.
With the eagle rising from the smoke & ruins toward the American flag we are given new hope & are drawn to one another as Americans....
standing united against those who would harm us.....
"My Heart Cries", while not created for public release originally, has evoked such an emotional response from all who view it that the decision was made to share, with an Open Edition printing being the result.
The print on heavy Archival quality paper   measures 22 1/2" x 19 1/2" over-all with the image dimension being 19" x 16".
WestWind Studio 2014